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About me

June 1st, 2017  

First and foremost... I'm an award winning professional wedding photographer with 35 + years of experience, who loves photography... who also happens to be a hopeless romantic.

   You get full © Copyright permission and the digital masters to print all the photos and wedding albums you want. This saves you thousands of dollars that other other photographers want to charge you for.


   "Anticipating great shots before they happen is the key to capturing priceless moments on camera." says James.

   Over the years I've discovered that the wedding guest are always comfortable with me. This allows me to get lots of those candid signature shots that make and break a photo shoot.

   All your photos are optimized and detailed by hand, not automation, which is what makes wedding photos look extra nice.


   I'm easy going, always polite, I never ever touch people to pose them. In the event you are going to have a professional videographer. I know how to stay out of their way.

   Last but not least, unlike other photographers who cut corners left and right to increase their profit, I continue to provide professional wedding photography services that's processed on world-class photo paper of heirloom quality. Best of all, I'm dependable and always on time. No hidden fees.  All inclusive wedding packages.

   Absolute discretion for high profile clients assured.

   James B. Roney
   Professional Photography Services
   Founder, American Shutterbug Society
   540.717.1433, 10am to 5pm, Mon-Fri, EST.






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Smith Mountain Lake
Huddleston, VA.

Serving all of Virginia



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